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Meaning of the word, "Bomet"

Bomet is a borrowed word (possibly from Swahili) in Kipsigis dialect meaning a traditional fenced parameter for cattle to spend the night in.

The Kipsigis word ‘Kaaptich‘ is the correct term for such a structure though.

The eponymous term was coined following the establishment of an industrial scale butchery which used to observe large herds of cattle rounded together in a large scale cow parameter.

Bomet County Economic Activities

The main economic activity in Bomet is agriculture. Tea is mostly grown in the eastern region of the district bordering the Mau forest.

Farmers in the tea-producing region sell their produce to KTDA (Kenya Tea Development Agency) factories such as those at Kapset, Mogogosiek, Rororok, Kapkoros and Tirgaga located in Bomet county.

There are also other multinational tea companies such as George Williamson, Unilever and James Finlay (Kenya) Limited which have tea factories in the county.

To transform the livelihood of Bomet count residents through innovative and dynamic leadership, efficient and effective Mechanism, Viable partnership while ensuring equity, integrity and community participation in clean and sustainable environment.
A prosperous and competitive county in economic, social and political development offering quality service to its people.

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Bomet County is located in the former Rift Valley Province bordering Kericho County to the North and North East; Narok County to the South East, South, and South West; Nakuru County to the East and Nyamira County to the North West.

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